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    Tidying Robotics on German public TV presented by University of Bonn

    April 25th, 2018

    Researchers of the University of Bonn presented a tidying up robot based on SQUIRREL technologies at a kindergarten in Bonn Friesdorf and were filmed by a team of the German public TV station WDR. Professor Maren Bennewitz further explains the research and potential applications in a studio interview at the Lokalzeit Bonn show.


    https://www1.wdr.de/mediathek/video/sendungen/lokalzeit-bonn/video-roboter-raeumt-kinderzimmer-auf-100.html (link expires 25.04.2019)

    Austrian national newspaper "Heute" reports on Kenny's visit to IKEA

    March 5th, 2018

    March 1st Kenny was tested in a "kids room" in the children secion of an IKEA store in Vienna. IKEA shoppers could throw toys to Kenny and watch it pick them up and drop them in the matching box (animals or cars), and chat with scientists from TU Vienna.


    Kenny cleaning up the kids room Kenny grasps a giraffe

    SQUIRREL on JeugdJournaal Dutch TV news programme for children

    February 5th, 2018

    Vanessa Evers (University of Twente) gave an interview for the Dutch TV news programme for children (JeugdJournaal) broadcasted by Dutch public service speaking about the Squirrel project and Cristina Zaga showed the Squirrel robot.


    Cristina Zaga and Vanessa Evers on Dutch TV JeugdJournaal Vanessa Evers interviewed for Dutch TV JeugdJournaal

    SQUIRREL mentioned in TV report on Austrian TV station "Servus TV"

    December 4th, 2017

    TV report "Im Kontext – Die Reportage: SOS Sozialstaat – Ist er noch zu retten?" ("In context - the report: SOS wellware state - can it be saved?") on Austrian national TV "Servus TV" addressed the topic of digitalisation with its potential problems as well as solutions. SQUIRREL robot Kenny was presented within the report.


    Presentation on service robot applications and technologies broadcasted as web seminar

    November 20th, 2017

    Fraunhofer IPA presented service robot applications and technologies broadcasted in a web seminar by adult education center VHS Böblingen to recipients in Germany and Austria.

    SQUIRREL mentioned in interview in Austrian national newspaper "Der Standard"

    November 13th, 2017

    In an interview in Austrian national newspaper "Der Standard" Prof. Sabine K?szegi, head of the Austrian Robotics Council, mentions SQUIRREL robot Kenny and his skills.


    M. Zillich (TUW) on Austrian FM4 radio broadcast "Auf Laut"

    October 31th, 2017

    On October 31st Michael Zillich was invited to national Radio station FM4 broadcast "Auf Laut" to discuss the future of robotics together with moderators and robot psychologist Martina Mara. Also listeners could phone in and discuss especially societal changes and the expections and fears - some justified, some unrealistic - going along with this topic.


    Panel discussion on Explainable Planning

    October 17th, 2017

    King's College London is involved in a panel discussion with TV broadcast on Explainable Planning at the IET Festival of Engineering.

    Peter Regier gives a podcast interview at radio station WDR3

    Aug 30th, 2017

    Peter Regier presented his vision about robotics to the general public within the lecture series "geeks@cologne"

    July 10th, 2017

    Peter Regier presented his vision about robotics and his research within the Squirrel project to the general public.


    SQUIRREL researcher interviewed in Newspaper Evening Standard

    July 2017

    J. Konstantinova from Queen Mary University London was interviewed about tactile sensing developed for SQUIRREL by the daily newspaper Evening Standard.

    Televised Lecture: Can Robots Recognize Emotions in Speech?

    January 25th, 2017

    Khiet Truong (UT) gave a lecture titled "Can robots recognize emotions in speech?" at the TV series Universiteit van Nederland.

    Care-O-bot 4 and other IPA robots on KiKa TV

    January 21st, 2017

    The TV broadcast "Erde an Zukunft" from the public TV channel KiKa has featured a documentary on Care-O-bot 4 and other IPA robots for children.


    Online Video at UNI Global Union

    November 15th - 16th, 2016

    UNI Global Union features a video on Vanessa Evers (UT) talking about robots and AI.

    Webpage: http://www.uniglobalunion.org/news/uni-leadership-summit-future-world-work-experts-give-their-verdict

    Webportal article about SQUIRREL at ITgirls.ba

    November 6th, 2016

    SQUIRREL researcher Senka Krivic (UIBK) was interviewed by the webportal ITgirls.ba. The article reports on the SQUIRREL project and its challenges. The article is available (in Bosnian) from: http://itgirls.ba/supergirls/senka-krivic-razvijam-robote-koji-ce-djeci-pomagati-u-pospremanju-igracaka/

    Distinguished Lecture by Prof. Jian S. Dai: Robots of the future that are shaped by arts and nature

    November 3rd, 2016

    Prof. Jian S. Dai will give a distinguished lecture at the Great Hall of King's College London. This lecture will provide an overview of innovative robotics that is shaped by the arts. Professor Jian S.Dai will be presenting robots of the future that are moulded by innovation and artistic imagination. The talk will also explore the latest developments in Origami robots, metamorphic hands, and metamorphic parallel robots with their domestic, health and industrial applications.

    TV Lecture at the Universiteit van Nederland Series

    October 21st, 2016

    Vanessa Evers gave a lecture on television about social robots within the series of Universiteit van Nederland.

    Webpage: http://www.npo.nl/de-universiteit-van-nederland/21-10-2016/VPWON_1265356

    Vanessa Evers talks about Robots in 2050 at Dutch TV Show Zapp

    October 17th, 2016

    Vanessa Evers (UT) talks about the Netherlands in 2050 and robotics in 2050 at the TV show Zapp for Dutch kids.

    Webpage: http://www.zapp.nl/nederlandin2050

    Online Article at Sigma

    September 8th, 2016

    The online magazine Sigma published an article about: Robots will make our lives easier.

    Webpage (in Dutch): http://www.sigmaonline.nl/2016/09/vanessa-evers-robots-gaan-leven-veraangenamen/

    Online News Article on Kenny in Die Welt

    July 27th, 2016

    Kenny, the SQUIRREL robot, is featured in an online article of the German Newpaper "Die Welt" on robots in everyday life.

    Webpage (in German): https://www.welt.de/wissenschaft/article157326720/So-koennen-Roboter-bald-unseren-Alltag-verbessern.html

    Article in online magazine AGCONNECT

    July 13, 2016

    The online magazine AGCONNECT interviewed Vanessa Evers and published the article Robot Love: about human-machine interaction. Social Intelligence is crucial for robots.

    Webpage: http://agconnect.nl/artikel/robot-love-over-interactie-mens-machine

    TV and radio report on child-like robot learning by ORF

    April 21st, 2016

    The Austrian TV and radio station ORF featured TV report (ORF Ö1 Wissen Aktuell) and a radio report (ORF 2 Tirol Heute) on child-like robot learning at the University of Innsbruck. The radio report is available from (in German): http://oe1.orf.at/programm/434380.

    Article "Hier sind die Roboter" in the magazine News

    April 16th, 2016

    The magazine News reported on the SQUIRREL project. The article can be viewed here (in German): https://iis.uibk.ac.at/_media/public/16042016news_zech_lnf_full.pdf.

    Announcement: Robots: the next big technological revolution of this century

    March 24th, 2016

    In a cafe-style setting, Vanessa Evers will give a presentation about her research on social robotics, see link (in Dutch) http://www.newscientist.nl/blogs/robots-de-volgende-grote-technologische-revolutie-van-deze-eeuw/.

    UIBK is interviewed on exploitation of ICT research at the Technology Transfer Center of Western Austria (WTZ West)

    February 4th, 2016

    Justus Piater from the University of Innsbruck has provided a public interview about potential for exploitation of ICT research at the Technology Transfer Center of Western Austria (WTZ West).

    Vanessa Evers presents at the World Economic Forum Davos

    January 17th-20th, 2016

    Vanessa Evers presented her research and ideas at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

    Videos can be seen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvgH-p6-Dt0 (The rise of social robotics, ~5min) and here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YV4fTOSpUxs (Issue Briefing: Infusing Emotional Intelligence into AI, ~40min).

    SQUIRREL TV broadcast on ORF

    September 19th, 2015

    SQUIRREL appeared in the TV documentary series "Newton" on ORF (Austrian national TV), about robotics and AI, on Sept 19.

    SQUIRREL in Die Presse

    May 15th, 2015

    SQUIRREL appeared in the weekend edition of Die Presse, one of the major Autrian newspapers.

    Link to the online article (German) http://diepresse.com/home/science/4732327/Mit-Kenny-macht-Aufraeumen-Spass?from=suche.intern.portal

    SQUIRREL news item in NRC: I want a robot that understands me

    April 25th, 2015

    Vanessa Evers was interviewed by a major Dutch newspaper NRC about social robots and the Squirrel project, see link (in Dutch).

    Link to the online article (in Dutch) http://www.nrc.nl/handelsblad/2015/04/25/ik-wil-een-robot-die-me-begrijpt-1487764

    SQUIRREL news item in Stuttgarter Zeitung

    April 13th, 2015

    A news item on the SQUIRREL project and Care-O-bot 4 was published in the Stuttgarter Zeitung newspaper.

    Link to the online article (German) http://www.stuttgarter-zeitung.de/inhalt.technik-ordnung-im-kinderzimmer.5654fec0-692d-4a9c-8887-73aafa08f31c.html

    SQUIRREL news item at tagesschau.de

    April 6th, 2015

    The SQUIRREL project was thematized in the humorous column "Schlusslicht" at the website of Germany's premier public TV station ARD.

    Link to the online article (German) http://www.tagesschau.de/schlusslicht/squirrel-kinderzimmer-101.html

    SQUIRREL on radioeins.de

    April 4th, 2015

    Michael Zillich was interviewed about SQUIRREL by German radio station radioeins.de.

    Link to the online program (German) http://www.radioeins.de/programm/sendungen/die_profis/archivierte_sendungen/beitraege/roboter-raeumt-kinderzimmer-auf.html

    SQUIRREL in Salzburger Nachrichten

    April 1st, 2015

    The SQUIRREL project and its technical ambitions have been published in the Salzburger Nachrichten, a major Austrian newspaper.

    Link to the online article (German) http://www.salzburg.com/nachrichten/rubriken/besteimmobilien/wohnen-leben/sn/artikel/dieser-roboter-raeumt-auf-144065

    SQUIRREL news item at golem.de

    March 25th, 2015

    The SQUIRREL project and its technical ambitions have been published at golem.de, a popular webpage on latest technology news.

    Link to the online article (German) http://www.golem.de/news/projekt-squirrel-der-roboter-soll-das-kinderzimmer-aufraeumen-1503-113167.html

    SQUIRREL news item at computerwelt.at

    March 24th, 2015

    An online article about the SQUIRREL project and its technical ambitions has been posted at computerwelt.at.

    Link to the online article (German) http://www.computerwelt.at/news/wirtschaft-politik/forschung-wissenschaft/detail/artikel/110363-roboter-raeumt-kinderzimmer-auf

    SQUIRREL news item at TU Wien News

    March 24th, 2015

    An online article about the SQUIRREL project and its technical ambitions has been posted at TU Wien News.

    Link to the online article (German) http://www.tuwien.ac.at/aktuelles/news_detail/article/9367

    SQUIRREL news item in Badische Zeitung

    March 21st, 2015

    The newspaper Badische Zeitung has featured an article about the SQUIRREL project.

    Link to the online article (German) http://www.badische-zeitung.de/ratgeber/bildungwissen/freiburger-forscher-basteln-an-haushaltshelfern-von-morgen

    Manipulation in Cluttered Environments with Humanoids: Integrated Perception, Task Planning, and Action Execution

    The video shows the execution of a tidy-up task with a Nao humanoid robot, which was presented at the Humanoids 2014 conference. The robot observes the scene at the start and then plans symbolic actions in order to pick up all objects and transport them to their container. The robot hereby continuously observes the environment and monitors its state to react to unforseen changes and to perform replanning if needed.